Query about Result slide

Jan 06, 2017


I have a query about result slide.

if I take a pre-test and pass it then I don't have to take the full course and post test(the final test). But the course completes-passes when they pass the pre-test and if I failed in pre-test then I have to go through the full course and post test. When I passed in post test that time the course completes- passes. Please suggest me what should I do for this.

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Sandra Collins

Your course marks the course complete ONLY when the user passes the pre-test. Passing the post-test does nothing as far as marking the course complete.

Check out this response: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/pre-test-to-test-out-of-course

Could you combine your tests? If you have only one test, the user can pass it as the pre-test or post-test and achieve completion.

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