Restricting a course restart

May 24, 2022


Our group is trying to restrict a course.  We have it set up so if they fail a quiz twice, they can't take it again.  We have it successfully set up so after a 2nd failed quiz, they can't take it again, so that's not the issue.

Users are SUPPOSED to go to their leaders and get it reassigned.  The issue is if they exit the course, then come back to it, they are offered the option to resume where they left off.  If they say no, it starts the entire course over.  Is there a trigger  that can force a module to be marked as "failed" or something so as soon as they fail the quiz a second time, it's "locked?"



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Jose Tansengco

Hi Phil!

If you're looking for a way to mark your learners as failed using triggers, you can check out the 'Complete course' action trigger which has the option of sending 'Incomplete/Failed' statuses to your LMS.

One caveat on using this trigger is that implementing this would be challenging for a course that your learners can restart, because restarting a course also resets the values of variables, making it hard to monitor if a course is meant to be locked or not. 

An option to get around this would be to use the trigger above in combination with disabling the resume behavior of your course to prevent your learners from restarting, but I'll leave the implementation and design of this one to others in the community. 

Hope this helps!