Find and Replace text within states

Apr 14, 2021

I am trying to figure out a way to find and replace all content within states. It would really make updating things or applying content across more complex interactions a bit easier.

For example, right now I have some buttons with text on them, the buttons move in an animated accordion, but the way it is currently built, the accordion has many layers and states, making it very tedious to update when I want to reuse the module, and it would save a lot of time if it is possible to find and replace text within states.

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Anthony,

Here's a trick I learned from Tom Kuhlmann: Use the Translation feature to find and replace text. 

  • Export the content into Word.
  • Replace content as desired.
  • Import the revised Word file. 

You can find the Translation function under the FILE menu.

Be aware, though, that the export/import tends to mess up bullet formatting. But I think that'd be easier to fix nowadays with Text Styles.