Find which slides use which slide layouts and feedback layouts

Oct 03, 2017

Hi Everyone,

Is there a quick and easy way to find out which slides are using each layout from the slide masters and feedback masters?

I have a Storyline 2 project which has slides that came from multiple sources. consequently it has multiple slide masters and multiple feedback masters.  I want to consolidate the layers and masters,  and delete repetitious or unneeded layouts.

For example:  This project now has 4 feedback masters used by a total of 18 slides.  But there are only 3 slides with a total of 5 feedback layers.  How can I find the 15 slides that Storyline says are using the feedback masters?

Thank you,


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John Blum

That's a good idea, Walt.  That will work great for the slide master layouts.

For the feedback layers, only partially helpful.  It made it easy to identify which of the 5 feedback layers are using which layouts, but in Feedback Master view, the multiple feedback masters are still using another 15 slides that don't have feedback layers or hotspots.  How do I find out which slides they are, so I can delete the duplicate layouts, other than by opening a new project and importing this one, scene by scene?

John Blum

I wound up creating a new project and imported one scene at a time and then checking the feedback masters and layouts.  Several scenes had duplicate other feedback masters attached to them.  Doing this along with putting a big shape with a different color on each master, made it easy for me to identify which slides had feedback layouts associated with them.  Very tedious with 117 slides, but that solved the problem.

I submitted a new feature request to have a report which shows for every slide master, every slide layout, every feedback master, and every feedback layout, which slides are using them.

 The report would be just a 4 column list:

1st column - master or layout number

2nd column - master or layout name

3rd column - number of slide using the master or layout in the first 2 columns

4th column - name of slide using the master or layout in the first 2 columns

Provide output options so report  can be downloaded as a Word document, Excel or CSV file, or HTML page.

Being able to get that info with a click of a button would save a lot of time.




Yves Gattegno

Thanks for the trick (really useful, but be sure to make the shape visible on all slides, bring upfront, extend it on the complete slide... I had one slide with a large picture and the shape was hidden behind...).

The feature to find all slides that use a particular layout would really be useful, especially when you imported a presentation that once was a powerpoint, then a google slides, then a powerpoint again... You sometimes end up with lot of "similar" layouts! And I suspect this is a side effect of multiple conversions

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