Finish button not closing browser window

Feb 01, 2021

Hi - I've spent an hour looking up what's already been written about this and cannot find an answer. I am NOT using Quizmaker (just Storyline), do NOT have "open in new window" checked in the player, am not reporting any scoring, or anything like that. My course is published in SCORM to LMS (Cornerstone) and seems to work fine in reporting back to the LMS, so no issue there. All I want to know is why it does not close the browser window (not sure why it opens in the first place, since I do NOT have open in new window checked in the player). Do I need to add another button after the FINISH button to close the window? Any ideas?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Zuzanna and Toni,

Thanks for reaching and out and sharing what you are experiencing with your published output.

We do have an article that lists out possible causes, one of which could be specific to your LMS:

Exit Course Trigger Doesn't Work

If you're still running into difficulties or questions after this troubleshooting, please feel free to reach out to our support team directly so that we can dig in with you individually.