First build

Howdy!  I am about to embark on my first build in Storyline 2 and would love some advice.  The subject matter is Train-the-Trainer and my office wants me to create an all day training.   I have less than 2 months to finish the course and present to the management group.  This is my opportunity to show off Storyline 2 so they can see how wonderful it is.   Any ideas, hints, or helpful downloads are appreciated.

Thank you,

Babette Perkins

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Babette!

We have downloads for Storyline here. Good luck with your course and hopefully some users will be able to chime in and assist.

I'd advise you to think about features you'd like, then search the forums for potential ideas/examples.

Great inspiration can be found in the E-Learning Challenges.

Brian Dennis

Welcome to the SL world. Many of us find inspiration in the larger SL Community (parent to this discussion forum). For example, the featured Virtual Tour examples are amazing. I'm enjoying the "30+ Examples of Accordian" posts a bit further down this same Community page. Amazing talent abounds! :)