Problem when reviewing my quizz


I did a quiz in Storyline 360 and I have 3 problems :

1) Storyline is installed in French on my computer, but I build training and quizzes in English. When I select a question with a drop down menu, it's written "Sélectionner" instead of "Select". Is there a way I can change that?


2) When reviewing the quiz, on my first question, again, the good answer (which is a numeric question) appears in French.


3) Finally, is there a way to personalize the banner "Incorrect" at the bottom?

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Judy Nollet

You can change all the default text (that is, everything the program uses in dialog boxes and such) to another language. That's done in the Player>Text Labels. 

To change the text in the red "Incorrect" banner that appears when reviewing, edit the Incorrect Feedback Title.


  • You can only designate one Incorrect Feedback Title. In other words, you can change what it says, but it will say the same thing on all the question slides. 
  • That piece of text is also used in the top text box on any Incorrect feedback layer (if you're using immediate feedback). Fortunately, you can edit that text on each slide, as needed. 
Marie-France Balleux

Wow! Thank you Judy, you helped me a lot! 

I'm still struggling with the review of the quiz. I wish to move the "Correct response is equal to 3" in the middle of the screen instead of being at the left. I went on the form view and entered my feed-back on the "Revision after the end of the quiz" but when I click ok "Slide view" and come back in Form view, my feed back is not there anymore. I've also check on the feed back layer and on the setting and I see nothing that might help me. Am I crazy or what?! :-)

Judy Nollet

When you enter info into the Post-quiz review field of a question's Form View, that automatically create a Review layer on the question slide.

If you go to that layer in Slide View, you should be able to edit the feedback and adjust the size, position, and formatting of the text box.

FYI: That the layer automatically uses the Review layout of the Feedback Master.  So development will be easier if you revise that layout before you create questions. For existing questions, re-applying the layout should update to any new master formatting.