Review Quiz questions that are from different scenes doesn't work

Oct 28, 2015

Hi, I'm wondering how to get the review quiz to go through questions that are from different scenes? eg. I have 4 scenes, each starts off with some content and ends with 3 quiz questions. Students dont' get any feedback on how they did until the very end of scene 4 where they get a total out of 12. When you click on "review quiz", you can only click through the first 3 questions from scene 1. Once you reach question 3 from scene one and click on the next button, it doesn't take you to the first question of scene 2, it just does nothing. 

If we're able to select which slides the result slide is calculated from (either same scene or different scenes), you would think when reviewing the quiz you would be able to just click through the questions from beginning to end. 

Is there a way of accessing and customising the review quiz functionality?


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janny c

Thanks. I know to get around it in this case is just to put everything into one big scene, even though it makes sense to keep them separate as they're distinct areas. However, if in another scenario where users can jump from one scene to another, but there is no menu for the slides within each scene, then I'll still run into trouble with students not being able to review the quiz from different scenes.

janny c

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for the link to the thread, however, the last post on that thread from kc says that it no longer works in storyline 2, which is what I'm using.

From Nicole's solution, she's saying that you can paste back the trigger to the slide, but there is no object (Next button) for the trigger to be pasted on, as I can't access the next button from the Review Quiz view. Is there a trick around that?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Janny,

Thanks for letting us know that you're using Storyline 2. I do see that we've reported an issue to our QA team for additional review where the user gets stuck in the review set up if the slide is the last slide in a scene. We'll include this thread in the report filed with our team so that we can update you here once there is additional information to share. In the meantime you may want to look at adding a blank slide to the end of the scene that automatically jumps to the next slide. 

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