Bug: Hover state on buttons doesn't appear


Any button that I build fails to show its hover state the first or second time you roll over it. This happens in Preview and an HTML5 publishes. It's fine in Flash output. Doesn't matter if I build button from a shape or text field or an image, all behave the same.

This has just started happening. 

I'm using Storyline 360 which I just updated this morning 01 Feb 2018.

If I build the same thing in Storyline 2 it works fine.

Is this a know issue?


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Nick Eastham

further to this, it only happens if you add elements to the button states, which is the whole point of button states right? So, If I start with a regular button, the hover works fine. If I edit the states and add a text field to the Normal state or Hover state, then the hover stops working on first/second rollover attempt.