First Time user vs Repeat User

Jan 27, 2015


We are currently using Articulate Storyline 2 to develop eLearning contents for our associates. The LMS Platform is Sum Total 8.9. We are thinking of a new idea about introducing First Time User and Repeat User. The objective is:

1>     First Time user has to go through the entire course as the order

2>     First Time user cannot move to different sections without completing previous sections

3>     First Time users has to take a small assessment after completion of the course, created in Articulate Storyline 2

4>     Repeat users can go to any of the sections they wish to visit

5>     It is not mandatory for Repeat users to take the assessment ; but they can if they wish to

But the issue is how to create such thing? We have discussed through various options, such as:

1>      At the introduction page, ask the user whether they are First Time User or Repeat User?

2>     If First Time User, then they will follow the course, they will not be able to use the menu to jump to different section.

3>     For repeat user, they can visit any section according to their need

First challenge is how to create such scenario? Is it possible to lock the menu system depending on the choice provided by the user?

If a First Time User will select the option as ‘Repeat User’, then this will not serve the purpose and vice versa.

How to create such scenarios? Is it possible to integrate the information from Sum Total 8.9 from the log-in information, as the user has to log-in to the system by giving their corporate credential.

Please help.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jayanta,

It's not possible to lock the menu or unlock it based on a users choice or a revisit the a course. You may want to look into if SumTotal has a "review mode" set up for courses which would allow a user to access a course on a revisit and not change their score/answers  (we've described a method here on how to change the review mode as it's a common setting with an LMS that they're automatically in review mode after meeting the completion requirement.)

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