Quiz: Adding Scores and Converting Scores

Apr 17, 2013

I have to recreate a quiz that asks users to select an numeric answer each question. For example: On a scale of 1 to 5, how happy do you feel everyday?

  • After the user answers the questions, I'd like to calculate the SUM of their scores.
  • Once they receive the sum of their scores, they receive personalized feedback.
  • For example, if they scored a total of 30, they will receive feedback that they are happy all the time.
  • If they scored a total of 15, they will receive feedback that they are happy some of the time...and so and so forth.

4 of the questions are tricky though. The scores are reversed as such:

  • 0=0
  • 1=5
  • 2=4
  • 3=3
  • 4=2
  • 5=1

So, when adding the user's scores for these 4 questions, the numbers will need to be reversed. In other words, if the user selects 5, the actual number that will be added to the total SUM will be 1.

Any and all help / input is appreciated. I am not sure where to start as I have novice knowledge of the quiz features in Articulate Storyline.

Thank you!

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