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Sep 04, 2012


So here is a question that has got me stumped. (Phil you were recommended as the man that could solve it for me, but open to any suggestions from anyone out there)

We have a quizz that includes a "2nd try" question that is ony presented to the user if they fail the first try question. So we have a total of 10 questions, but if they user passes the "first try" question each time, they will only actually see 5 questions. (as the 2nd try question will be skipped using branching)

The problem is that the results will include all of these questions, even if the user didn't answer them, so the results will not be accurate.

To get around that we thought to use the variable %sum%points, which only sums up the actual scored questions.

The challenge now it to report the %sum%points to the LMS.

We tried using this method which uses a Survey free text question to call a variable, and then submit it to the LMS. It works fine for sending a text entry, but cannot manage to send a sum variable. 

Worked with Dave Anderson on it and we concluded that we cannot get a text entry to populate with a sum variable.

So looking for another solution that can define if someone skips a question, don't record it as "failed" or "missed" but rather just ignore it, and then we can use the regular results slide.


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Phil Mayor

Not sure if I can do this (by the way I hate saying this) :-(

I remember Steve Flowers posted a way to report to the LMS, so it may be you can build you questions manually, build in the logic and scoring and then pass it using this method

Also looking at your KB article have you tried using a numeric survey question?

I am a little pushed this evening with some work to do, but happy to have a look at this tomorrow if you don't have a solution by then.

Actually looking at it I think this is possible, which makes me happier

Saul  Jacobs


Gerry - yes it needs to report the score points to the LMS.

Phil - I tried using Steve's suggestion based on that article and its a great solution just not working for a numeric variable though.

Also tried a numeric survey question and still would not let me select my numeric variable from the list.

I can send what I've done so far, based on Steve's article if you give me an email.

Thanks for your help.


Saul  Jacobs

I took a look. Are you referring to Steve's Javascript solution or the "fake slide" as Gerry suggested? I checked Arlyn's screenr that he refers to and had an idea to put in a result slide as he has done after each question, then only the questions that the users completes are reported. But then we will not be able to see a total points scored, which is what we really want  to see if the student has passed.

Phil Mayor

Hi Saul

I have had a play using Steve's javascript code and it is passing a score to my LMS, I have not set maximum  and minimum values, because I think you are going to need to do this with conditions based on which qeustions are answered, but the button I have added sets a score and exits the course


Phil Mayor

yes that is the line, the variable is "sum", you dont need the survey question, note it is set to track by slides viewed because that button is forcing a quiz score into the LMS.

I think you may need a couple of javascript  triggers with conditions, dont really understand your scoring, you need to set a minimum and maximum score as well.

Saul  Jacobs

I don't get a score when I try it on AO LMS. Just shows status complete and score is empty.

 I understand that it is grabbing variable "sum" which is the sum of all the points scored.

But sending to the LMS, the script reads "+totalScore+" - where does it read this total score from?

Sorry, but not too familiar with javascript.

rehan arshad

Hi Phil, please help me.

I have a situation in Which i have multiple Questions on a single scroll bar. I need a Condition in java script.

I need a course is to be completed if a person completes it and i Need the Condition to be passed if my Total score is greater then 30. otherwise it would be fail.

This is not working

var player = GetPlayer();
var lmsAPI = parent;

lmsAPI.SetScore(player.GetVar(“Total”), 70, 0);

SetStatus = "Passed";

SetStatus = "Failed";

Luan Snyman

Hello Everyone.

I know I'm rather late for this thread, but I'm hoping you might still be able to help.

We have multiple question banks, but based on the users choice of rank, they only complete certain question banks.
(See attached .sl file)
When I pull a result slide, it includes all answered and unanswered questions, and they inevitably fail.

Is there a way to pull all results from question banks but only process and display those of question that have been answered?

Thanks in advance

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