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Sep 04, 2012


So here is a question that has got me stumped. (Phil you were recommended as the man that could solve it for me, but open to any suggestions from anyone out there)

We have a quizz that includes a "2nd try" question that is ony presented to the user if they fail the first try question. So we have a total of 10 questions, but if they user passes the "first try" question each time, they will only actually see 5 questions. (as the 2nd try question will be skipped using branching)

The problem is that the results will include all of these questions, even if the user didn't answer them, so the results will not be accurate.

To get around that we thought to use the variable %sum%points, which only sums up the actual scored questions.

The challenge now it to report the %sum%points to the LMS.

We tried using this method which uses a Survey free text question to call a variable, and then submit it to the LMS. It works fine for sending a text entry, but cannot manage to send a sum variable. 

Worked with Dave Anderson on it and we concluded that we cannot get a text entry to populate with a sum variable.

So looking for another solution that can define if someone skips a question, don't record it as "failed" or "missed" but rather just ignore it, and then we can use the regular results slide.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Luan,

We don't have any partial scoring options or scoring only by questions answered in Storyline.

I know a few folks have looked at some custom scoring methods (using Javascript to report to the LMS)  or changing the pass method based on total number of questions and the possible number answered. But in that latter set up you may have users passing with a score of say 30%..which could be just a visual nuisance to learners. 

You may want to reach out in the Building Better Courses side of ELH and see if there is anyone who can help! That side tends to focus more on how tos and may have some custom set ups to help you out! 

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