First Week at New Job - Storyline 2 Rookie

Nov 17, 2016

Hello everyone, my name is John.  I am on my first week of using Storyline 2. 

I am creating a general course that overviews various publications available from my new organization. My third slide is from a template I downloaded here that allows users to view a slide and click multiple objects that open overlays showing basic content. 

I have two questions:

1. Can each slide layer have notes and audio added to them? Or, is this just a functionally of slides? 

2. The player Previous/Next buttons are not visible on slide 3. I don't see that I can simply add a "Jump to Next Slide" Player trigger to this slide.

A few other notes:

I not very familiar with e-learning; however, in my opinion this material is more promotional/informational, not a learning/performance check that would seem more appropriate for this software. All that being said, basically the only goal is show some capabilities of software and discover if the forums are responsive. 

Thank you kindly for your assistance to the new guy!

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Steve VE


  1. Each layer can have its own notes and audio.
  2. The Previous/Next buttons can be hidden on a per-slide basis. In slide view you'll see a little gear in the Base Layer on the lower right. Click that and you can select which buttons are shown. If you are in story view, you can select the slide and you'll see the properties where you can select which buttons to show in the lower right.

Hope that helps.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi John,

Nice job getting started with Storyline and reaching out here - welcome to the E-Learning Heroes community.

Each layer can certainly have it's own audio and information on the layer itself, but elements such as the notes panel that you'll see within the Player are slide specific so they will be seen across the slide and all it's successive layers. The same is true of other player elements such as the buttons, seekbar, etc. - they'll be visible on all the layers associated with a slide that has those turned on. 

You may also  want to bookmark the Storyline tutorials page here, and the information on how to disable the next/previous button on a slide by slide basis is available within the section on Slide properties. 

John Maurer


Thank you for your prompt reply. [I see that Ashley has provided an explanation on the Notes/Layers issue]

In regards to question 1, when I add text to Notes on my first slide layer, it updates the notes for all the layers.  Then, if I add/edit notes on slide layer two, the notes on layer one are also changed.

I didn't see a setting on Slide Layer Properties, allowing for unique editing of Notes for each slide layer. 

Thanks again!

- John

Mark Shepherd

Hi John:

Ashley's description of how the Notes TAB works is correct. 

You can only utilize this Notes aspect in your slide and in the Course Player using just the one screen, regardless of how many layers you have in your slide. 

As far as I know (AFAIK), there is no such thing in Storyline 2 as "Multiple Notes Tabs".

That being said, you can add details that act a little like a note does, say, for example, a Marker, that are unique to a particular Slide Layer, so you can build in different content on those layers.

Make sure you adjust/remove any Base Objects from layers over and above the base, so that you do not end up blending the content of two different layers by mistake!

I tend to reuse set items on the base layer, such as Text Boxes and Speaking Characters, on other layers.  Most of the other items that LOOK LIKE they could be re-used, such as Captions, Buttons, etc, typically need to be duplicated and customized/tweaked so they serve a typically differing purpose of/for that layer.

Hope this helps, and good luck in your new job! 

I remember what it was like starting out as a Storyline 2 novice a little over a year ago. 

How time flies...;)



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