Flash acting differently amongst courses

Jun 28, 2018

E-Learning Friends:

I have a series of courses that were all made with the same settings in the Storyline 2 Player.  However, some users are experiencing issues running one of the courses.  In experimenting with this issue, I've done the usual clearing of there cache and ensuring the pop-up blocker is off etc. 

What doesn't make sense to me is that fact that when I look at the default Flash settings in the browser when I launch the course, they are all set the same.  Yet, in some cases,  this one course does is open the new window and just spins. 

As I said, the Flash settings are the same in each browser window.  I have all the modules set to carry the HTML 5 content and to "When running in LMS, ignore flash cookie" as well....But this one module plays very inconsistently.

Any ideas....is this a Storyline 2 setting issue or a Flash issue on certain individuals devices?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Justin, 

If it's only on one course and happening for a small group of users, it leads me to believe it's more likely an issue on those users' devices and browsers. Can you see if they're all running into this in the same browser and version? Also, you mentioned including the HTML5 output, do you know if that plays back for them? 

Lastly, do you remember what update of Storyline 2 you published with? It's worth noting that our latest update is Update 13. 

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