Flash and Switching from Storyline 2 to Storyline 3

Jan 15, 2020

I just received an email saying that Storyline 2 will no longer be supported by Articulate (related to Flash going away at the end of the year.) On this version, files can be published to Flash or to Flash and HTML5 - I've been using the second choice. Will this be a problem going forward? Is it necessary to switch to Storyline 3? And another question: Is Flash still required to author in Storyline 3, or has this been changed? I'm just trying to figure out if upgrading to Storyline 3 is really necessary, and if so, when. Thanks.

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Ren Gomez

Hi Amanda,

Thanks for reaching out and happy to help clarify! Storyline 2 requires Flash to be installed on the authoring computer, and even if you published with HTML5 fallback, you might experience some formatting issues. This discussion here may give you better insight! And this Flash End of Life article covers how Articulate apps will be affected.

Upgrading to Storyline 3 would allow you to take advantage of the latest features, especially the option to publish for HTML5 only. As more browsers have prevented Flash from running automatically or being enabled, this would ensure your learners can continue accessing content in all the major browsers. Storyline 2 only supports the HTML5 content in Chrome on Windows and Safari on a Mac. 

Also, Storyline 3 is now Flash-free, so the Flash Player isn’t required to use the software!

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