flash not playing on internet explorer warning message

Can anybody help?

I have used Storyline 2 without any problems for the last few months but when I tried to open Storyline 2 on my computer today I received a message telling me that I required an up to date version of flash 10 or higher on internet explorer in order to open Storyline. I was then prompted to go to the download page

If I press no, Storyline doesn't open. If i press yes it takes me to the flash webpage but when I test flash it shows it is working.

I uninstalled Storyline and then reinstalled it but am still getting the message (except now it is in Japanese or Chinese)

Flash seems to be working ok

I have tried the settings button on internet explorer - manage add ons - Shockwave Flash object - enable

I can't resolve the issue...can anyone please offer any suggestions?

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Wendy Farmer
Emily Ruby

Hello Paul!

Looks like Wendy and Michael got you to the correct pages for updating Storyline for the Flash issue. Let us know if you need anything further.

And if the program is still showing up in a different language, you can update the language by clicking on the upper left hand blue File tab, then Storyline options, then use the dropdown for language: