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Feb 27, 2017


I have an eLearning course that is hosted on a local web server. I have used it here for weeks and did not have an issue. However, today it would not play due to the flash settings, when I followed the steps so kindly provided by Articulate, it did open but the player size was HUGE. You could not even scroll to get the whole thing on one screen. Any ideas why this would happen now and what to do in order to make the screen size fit the monitor? 

I did make some text changes to the content and republish it since it last worked, but followed all the same steps as before. 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Cristina, 

Well that's certainly an odd one - did you modify any of the player/browser settings here (Those steps are for Storyline 2, but you'll find it in the same spot for other Storyline versions)? If so, that would change how it's going to display for you, and you'd also want to check what the overall story size was, in case you changed something there. Also you mentioned hosting on a local web server, are you publishing for Web or CD? If you're using the web option, do you test it in the same browser each time - perhaps something changed in the overall browser zoom settings as well? 

If you can share a copy of the .story file or even some screenshots of your settings we may be able to spot something else. Lastly you could test uploading it to another environment to confirm it's not a change within your local web server. There are a few options listed in this article to get you started.

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