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Aug 18, 2017

Dear all,

I would like to use Storyline for mobile use (regular screen size for smartphones). I already noticed that Storyline is not responsive, even if you can choose a smartphone in the preview. With the basic settings my course did not fit to my iPhone screen. Therefore, I think I have to change the basic settings. Anyway, I have no idea where I can make these settings and which size is suitable for smartphone use. Knows anybody help? Looking forward to your responses.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Katja,

With Storyline3 and 360, we built a new responsive player. It will automatically display when you view HTML5 courses on tablets and smartphones.

It adapts to the screen size and orientation of any mobile device for the best viewing experience—no extra work required. Just publish your course and let the player do all the work for you. 

When you view the same courses on desktop and laptop computers, the standard player will be used. 

You may want to take a look at these FAQs on the responsive player, or let me know if I can help with anything else. 

Katja Lehmann

Hi Ashley,

thank you for the reply. I think the HTML5-output works much better for mobile compared to Storyline 2.
But, maybe I am wrong, if I export my SL 360 quiz for HTML5 it only works for landscape. If I change my iPhone screen for portrait the viewport (from SL360, my quiz) stays more or less the same but, it is much smaller. --> The rest of the iPhone screen appears in black (at the top and the bottom). Hence, I think the viewport is not responsive.

So, I thought I have to make some setting changes (e.g. size screen) in SL 360 to make my course really useful for mobile use (both landscape and portrait; responsive format). I hope you understand my request :) Is that possible? Do I have to change the size screen (for mobile) in SL 360?

Looking forward to your response.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Katja, 

Storyline 360 and 3 have increased HTML5 output from Storyline 2, so glad you're seeing the difference! 

With Storyline 360/3 you can lock the orientation to ensure that users view the course in landscape if you prefer.

Within the portrait view, you'll see those black bars top/bottom and the entire screen has been resized to fit the width - as a part of the responsive player we won't redraw your content but ensure it fits within the screen of the device you're using. 

Also, while you're previewing click any of the five device icons in the upper right corner of the screen to quickly switch your preview to another device or orientation, including:

  • Laptop/desktop computers
  • Tablets in landscape mode
  • Tablets in portrait mode
  • Smartphones in landscape mode
  • Smartphones in portrait mode

Hope that helps clarify! 

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