Flash Vs HTML5

Oct 15, 2020

Our team had been thinking that any modules published in Articulate 360 would be safe. However, we understand that there was a flash fallback option to HTML5 that could have been used. 

One of my team members says we should be able to test our modules to make sure they will work post-Flash by accessing the modules after changing our Chrome setting to "Block sites from running Flash." The theory is that if we can launch the modules, they are good. Opinions? Best practices? Thanks!

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Sam Hill

Hi Rhoda, yes, this would be a valid test. You will need to perform this test in all of the browsers that you would like to support. These are the listed browsers that support the HTML5 output (https://articulate.com/support/article/System-Requirements-for-Articulate-Storyline-360#viewing-content). The results you get (layout, functionality) can vary a bit depending on when the modules were first published. If they are old, it might be worth publishing later versions to ensure the HTML5 version is the best possible as there have been several updates to SL360 throughout this year.


Judy Nollet

Hi, Rhoda,

If you're able to look at the files within a course's SCORM package, you can check for Flash content. Just search for Flash-based .swf files.

  • If you find any .swf files, then put the course through testing to ensure it will play correctly in HTML5.
  • If you don't find any .swf files, then you don't need to do any testing.

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