Flash with HTML5 fallback and AMP in 2020

Dec 06, 2019


I did google the question a bit, but just in case will post it here also.

Our Articulate 3 courses are published in format: Flash with HTML5 fallback and AMP. From 1.01.2020 Flash will be discontinued. But our courses are in HTML5 fallback. What will happen to them? Will our students have problems seeing them? Or will the HTML5 fallback protect them?

I am currently moving all courses to full HTML5 format, but 2020 is here soon, so still checking with you.

Thank you for your answer!

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John Gantz

We have been developing our courses as well with Flash and HTML5 fallback. But I notice that browsers that do not support flash do not default to the HTML5. The browser asks if I want to play flash. This makes me nervous with the impending deprecation of flash.


Can you speak to how this will be handled by the various browsers?

Lauren Connelly

Hi John!

Your published courses will continue to work if they include HTML5 output. Web browsers will simply ignore the Flash content and display the HTML5 version instead. However, HTML5 output from our legacy apps only works in Google Chrome and Safari. It won’t work reliably in other browsers.

Which browser are you using? On my end, I've noticed Internet Explorer will not always fallback on HTML.

Vincent Scoma

Hi John,

Thank you for sharing which browsers you will be running! As Lauren mentioned, published HTML5 outputs from Legacy Apps will only continue to work in Chrome and Safari. I wanted to share this resource that provides additional details on how the end of flash will affect courses as well: 

Please let us know if you have any questions! 

Learning Institute

I have seen this conversation from months ago. 

I create most of my modules in Rise and where I need something a little bit more interactive, I create a component in Storyline 360 and then publish it into Review 360.
I noticed the format is html5 with Flash Fallback. I assume from previous comments this will continue to work in 2021?

Thanks for your guidance.

Vincent Scoma

Hi There,

Happy to help clarify! 

That is correct! For Storyline 360 courses, the published course will continue to work as long as they include the HTML5 output. Web browsers will simply ignore the Flash content and display the HTML5 version instead.

Please let us know if you have any questions!