Flickering hover state

Jul 03, 2018

Hello heroes,

I built an image based hover state that uses a wipe right animation on hover. The problem I'm running into is flickering on hover. Here's a preview. I built this using Storyline360 (latest update). 

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? 

Thank you for your insight. 

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Tom Kuhlmann

This is a potential issue when you have transparent areas and /or disappearing shapes.

  • You mouseover the objec which triggers the state change.
  • The state changes and the object disappears so the mouse loses focus.
  • Then it appears and the mouse regains focus.

This losing and regain focus is what causes the flicker.

You can add a solid shape to cover any transparent areas. That usually gets rid of the flicker.

Agnieszka Gorgon

Thank you Tom. I understand why the flickering is happening. 

In an effort to fix the flicker, I am running into a different issue. 

Top button: has an added hover state of a triangle (image). The problem here is a hairline split between the original and the hover. I don't see this split when working in the .story file. 

Middle button: has the original image superimposed over the hover (to prevent flickering), but once again, the hairline border appears. 

You can see this in Articulate Review

There are no borders on the images, and all of the images were created in PPT (using Intersect) and saved as .png files. 

I'm attaching the .story file, and the original images, so that you can take a look as to what may be causing the issue. 

Thank you, 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

No problem, Agnieszka. 

I heard from Michael this AM that he also filed this as a bug, so our team will take a look. Since it's an issue with duplicating an image and cropping it, it appears that one of the workarounds recommended is to resize it outside of Storyline first.

Let us know if you need anything else, and we'll keep you posted here and as a part of your case if we have any other info! 

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