"Flipping" A Character's State

Oct 14, 2012

This may lead to a feature request but I'm going to ask anyway: Any way to flip a single character pose that is part of a state?

I'm using the character of Nicole in a course.  I have her on one slide with three states, two of which I've added--WatchingTV and Pointing.

I'm not exactly wild about the image I'm using for the WatchingTV state.  But there are no other included poses of Nicole looking to the right that work for me.

I'd like to use this pose instead, but unfortunately, she's only looking left and I need her looking right:

Any way to flip that image so she is looking right when she is a state?

Don't believe so but I thought I'd ask.  I've tried making the desired pose the normal state and flipping that, but any images I add then as states get flipped also, which is not what I want. :(

(Instead of using states here I may have to resort to separate instances of Nicole.  Would prefer to use states.)

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