flyout won't repeat

I have a quick menu on a layer that I'm flying in. If the user chooses to close the menu it fly's out. This works but say the user chooses the close the menu... it fly's out, then a few seconds later decides to look at it and then closes it again. It fly's in every time but after the first fly out it just gets hidden when you close it - no fly out. Any way to make it fly in and out repeatedly?

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Mike Mohr


Thanks for the reply. I hear what your saying and so far I've tried every choice and they all have the same result. Here's the basic setup:

3 layers

Base Layer  - one button (trigger - show Layer 1)

Layer 1 - 2 shapes/ Flys in from the right (one shape is given 2 triggers (hide layer, and show Layer 2)

Layer  2 - Same two shapes /Flys out to right - Timeline length of .75 seconds

Layer 1 and 2 - Hide layers is unchecked & rest to inital state when revisiting are selected

It works great the first time but try it a second time and the shapes will just hide and not fly out.