Text input for accessibility

Feb 11, 2021

I need to make a text input box accessible. I tried doing that with pressing tab, then entering the text. After pressing Enter, another layer is shown. The tab creates a yellow border around the text input box but the yellow border shows on the next layer. How do you turn off or hide the yellow border after Enter is pressed?
Is there a way to add a text input box to the Focus Order?  I thought that might be a work around by making it the first object on the focus order list, but it's not on the focus order list and can't be added to it.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Ian Israel Saavedra

Hello John, Data entry fields are included in the Focus Order. I'm not sure if the text input box we're using are different, but I created the mine using these steps

The yellow border indicates the currently active object. To remove the yellow border from a text entry field try pressing Tab once more.