Focus Order Issue with Quizzes

Jul 12, 2022

I am putting together a quiz course and have used the graded questions tool to build the questions.  In order to meet my company's accessiblity standards I have to ensure that the Tab key allows the user to navigate.  Unfortunately, the Tab option only works on the first choice on a multiple choice quiz slide; because the timeline regards the choices all as one object.

How can I adjust the Focus order to recognize the other choices on the quiz slide to make the slide accessible?

This same issue came up several months back in another thread - the solution provided was to have the user highlight the first question using the tab and then use arrow keys to navigate between the answers.  Is there a way to do this only with the tab key?  


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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Andrew.

Thank you for reaching out!

As you mentioned, the arrow keys are how keyboard users select the answer choices in a multiple choice quiz slide after tabbing to the first answer. This is the expected behavior, and I'm not aware of a way to change it to tab only.

Take a look at this article for information on how those questions work with keyboard only or screen-readers.