Focus Order on Quiz Slides

Oct 13, 2021

I just discovered that the Tab option only works on the first choice on a multiple choice quiz slide; because the timeline regards the choices all as one object.

How can I adjust the Focus order to recognize the other choices on the quiz slide to make the slide accessible?

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Christopher.

Thank you for reaching out!

Take a look at this article detailing how to navigate multiple-choice questions with the keyboard (spoiler alert: use the arrow keys to cycle between the answer choices):

Let me know if this works!

Andrew Hoskins

Did this issue ever get solved?  I have a the same problem, clicking tab only highlights the first answer option then goes to the submit button.  The shared article does not address this issue.  I do not want to have to add more instructions that tell the user to use the tab key once then use arrow keys.

Jose Tansengco

Hi Andrew,

The behavior reported here is the expected behavior that we expect learners to experience whenever they tab to a multiple choice quiz slide. The article shared by my colleague Maria explains the reason behind this.

I understand that you prefer the tab key to cycle through the multiple choice options rather than having to use the arrow keys, so I would recommend raising this as a feature request to our product team. Here's a quick look at how we manage requests from our users. 

Andrew Hoskins
Thank you all for the responses - I have updated my "instructions" text to explain using the tab and then the arrows.  However, this doesn't appear to work on multiple choice questions where the user can select more than one option.  How is this handled?  I can actually tab between each answer, but I cannot select them, and the arrows don't do anything.