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Feb 26, 2013

I am new to Storyline so please forgive the "dumb" question.  I have made my own activity using the Folder Tabs Interaction template.  When I publish it, it still says "Folder Tabs Interaction" in the top black bar and I can't find where to edit that.

Thanks for your help.

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Peter Anderson

Welcome, Kim!

No stupid questions - ever!

In the Features area of the Player Properties window, you can turn the course title on or off, and you can choose where to put the sidebar, if you're using one.

  • Title: Mark this checkbox if you want the course title to appear in the top left area of the player. The title defaults to the name of your Storyline file, but you can use a different title by editing the text in this field (if you do that, it won't change the name of your actual Storyline file; it'll only change the title that displays on the player.) You can also remove the title altogether if you prefer, by unmarking the box.
Christine Hendrickson

Hi Kim. Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Don't worry, that's not a dumb question at all! However, I do want to make sure I'm understanding which title you're referring to. 

Is this the one you're trying to edit?

If so, you should be able to edit this in Slide view, by just clicking on the text. If you're unable to edit this, or if you've edited this and the changes aren't displaying after publishing, can you share your project's .STORY file here so I can take a look?

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