Font Changes when Importing from .Story File

So we were having issues with our course and one of the suggestions the support team told us to do was create a new blank Storyline file at the same story size as the old (1280X720) and then import the slides from one storyline file to the new one. I did that and all of my fonts changed to Open Sans which affected the size of every text box in addition to the overall look and feel. When I select the font with my mouse, it says it is still Acumin Pro (or Light, SemiCondensed, or any other font I originally used), but it's actually Open Sans. Changing to Open Sans changes nothing, but changing to Acumin Pro, it's obvious that it was no longer Acumin Pro. This is a rather large course and I do not have the luxury of going through every text box on every slide to change the font back to what it was. I even tried re-syncing the Acumin fonts from TypeKit, but the issue still happens. Images are posted below.

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Weylin Miller

Hi Wendy. I used about 5 different fonts originally, so find and replace wouldn't be able to replace all of them with the correct font. Also as I mentioned, they are all showing in the font box that they are correct, even though they are not. So when I search for Open Sans it doesn't show anything.