Font Changes when Importing from .Story File

Feb 09, 2018

So we were having issues with our course and one of the suggestions the support team told us to do was create a new blank Storyline file at the same story size as the old (1280X720) and then import the slides from one storyline file to the new one. I did that and all of my fonts changed to Open Sans which affected the size of every text box in addition to the overall look and feel. When I select the font with my mouse, it says it is still Acumin Pro (or Light, SemiCondensed, or any other font I originally used), but it's actually Open Sans. Changing to Open Sans changes nothing, but changing to Acumin Pro, it's obvious that it was no longer Acumin Pro. This is a rather large course and I do not have the luxury of going through every text box on every slide to change the font back to what it was. I even tried re-syncing the Acumin fonts from TypeKit, but the issue still happens. Images are posted below.

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