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Jan 26, 2018

Hi all!  I'm using the current version of Storyline 3 (Win10). HTML output looks great in various browsers.  But in IE11, all fonts are appearing as Times New Roman.  Spacing is irregular.  Also, ligatures for some fonts are disappearing, leaving empty spaces for "f", "ff", "fl", etc.  Sample screenshots below.

I reached out to Articulate support last month (case #01180928), and this was logged a potential software bug.  But it's a major issue for us, and I'm reaching out to see if there is any new information or other ideas from the community. 

Similar issues have been discussed recently here, here, here, and here.  In those threads, it is recommended to set the "Font Download" setting in IE to "enabled" or to set the product as a "Trusted Site".  This is not an adequate solution, because 1) it requires all users to do it, and 2) some users are unable to modify this setting, per their organization's security settings.  In addition, the font does not display correctly even if the font is installed locally on the computer.

We're using "Open Sans" and "Source Sans Pro" fonts.  These are client requirements, so we'd like to avoid changing.  But if the font is unavailable, is there any way for a similar font to be chosen?  At least a sans-serif font?

At the least, is it possible to disable the use of ligatures?  This should allow the missing characters to be visible as Times New Roman in IE.

Story file is attached, but this impacts all of our products.  The images are screenshots of the HTML output from the Story file in Chrome and IE11.  The fonts render correctly in Chrome, but appear as Times New Roman in IE.  (Though the spacing stays the same.)  Note the missing characters in Open Sans and Source Sans Pro.

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

Screenshot from Chrome above.

Screenshot from IE above.

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Michael Griffin

Dan: No luck yet, unfortunately.  I did find one new thing.  If a variable is included in the text (such as the user's name), the font displays perfectly in IE.  That suggests to me that this is a Storyline 3 bug.

After much deliberation, I chose to change the font of all projects for our client.  It still displays to Times New Roman in IE, but at least all the text is there.  I used Trebuchet MS.

Michael Griffin


Sincere thanks for your reply and linked article!  Please note, though, that the articles' recommendations are not feasible.  #1 and #2 require user-side changes.  #3 requires Flash, which our client does not permit.  #4 requires the avoidance of a web browser that Articulate says Storyline supports.  

This issue does not affect our published Storyline 2 HTML.  And does not affect text boxes in published Storyline 3 HTML if there is a text variable included in the text.

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