Font Changing in Storyline Project After Publishing to LMS - Internet Explorer

Many of my government clients are having issues viewing a SCORM package posted to our Moodle LMS. The project was created using Storyline fonts such as "Roboto" and "Articulate." After publishing to the LMS and upon opening the file, the font has changed to something completely different, has compressed many of the words so that some of the letters are practically on top of one another, and is arbitrarily omitting the letter F. No other letter; just the F. Some more facts to note:

  • This does not happen to me on my personal computer.
  • When on my government computer, I do get this same error in Internet Explorer, but NOT in Google Chrome. Everything works perfectly in Chrome.
  • All of my clients are federal employees, therefore they all have varying versions of either Chrome, Firefox, or IE. Many of them are restricted to IE and being in the government, do not have the ability to simply request Chrome to be added to their computers.
  • I've tried changing the fonts on some test slides to Arial and Microsoft Sans Serif, which seem to have helped the missing F issue, but spacing is still a problem.

If this is the only fix, this would require me to go back into all of my projects and change the fonts on every single text box, so I'm hoping there's some other magic pill out there in settings that can fix this. I'll try anything! Attached is a screen shot of a slide with the missing letters and in the font I did not select.

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