Missing letters using Microsoft Edge browser

Aug 14, 2018

Hey folks,

Has anyone experienced an issue in Edge where letters are missing? I know from this articule (https://articulate.com/support/article/Learners-See-the-Wrong-Font-or-Missing-Letters-in-Internet-Explorer) it can happen in other browsers. We have already added MIME type to the hosting server for Web Open Font Format (WOFF) files because we had this issue using Chrome, FF and IE. But it appears that Edge is doing it now.

In the article it suggests some steps for IE, if this issue is affecting only IE, are these steps the same for Edge?



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Katie Riggio

Hi, Zdravko. Thanks for your post, and great call on starting with the how to add a MIME type in IIS Manager solution for all browsers first!

Really sorry to hear that the problem has resurfaced in Edge after those steps. While I do not see an equivalent setting in Edge–we definitely want to lend a hand here, so I've opened a case for you to work with our support team. We'll do a deep-dive to see what's happening there.

Look out for an email from the team, and I'll also follow along to keep this discussion updated with any new information!

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