Fonts change to Times New Roman when course is published from Rise

Feb 23, 2018


No matter what type of font I use (system, custom, Articulate, etc.) when I publish the course to view for web only, it replaces the fonts I choose with Times New Roman. 

I built the course in Chrome on the PC side of my iMac (split using Parallels). It doesn't replace the font when I publish to Review. I've viewed it in Chrome, Safari, and IE and it shows up with TNR instead of the fonts I chose every time.

When I publish a SCORM file and put it on the LMS, it has the correct fonts in it. So the problem is just when published for web.

How can I make sure it keeps the fonts I selected when published to the web?

Thanks for your help!

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Ken Rogers

So I just tried publishing this on a Mac instead of a PC, to avoid the problem with Windows 10, but it still replaced my font with TNR. Am I missing something from that thread? Do I need to create it from scratch on a Mac instead of just publish from a Mac to avoid the issue? Or that other thread said they were fixing it on each individual computer. Do I need to get with someone at Articulate so they can fix it on my specific computer?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ken, 

Are you uploading this to your website or testing it locally?  Also, when you view the output, is it all browsers that display the change in font? 

If you'd like to share a copy of your Rise course with our Support Engineers we can give it a test too. Reach out here and they'll walk you through some next steps.

Brian Bishop

I'm having the same problem - Rise course published for the web and uploaded to a web server. In IE, the fonts show up as Times New Roman instead of my chosen fonts, Lato and Raleway. In Chrome, the fonts are fine.

What's the solution?

* Update: Tested on another machine. Times New Roman appearing in Chrome on that machine. The boss is not pleased.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brian and Rob, 

Are you able to share a link to the course hosted in your server/LMS so that we could also test it? If you have the Rise export zipped folder, it would be helpful to have that too. You can upload here using the Add Attachment button at the bottom of the forum discussion reply window. 

Ken Rogers

UPDATE: I submitted a case for this to Articulate support and got this response:

"I can't replicate the issue when I uploaded the exported files to our web server.

Since the issue does not occur on your LMS and our web server, please contact your web administrator. They know best how to solve server specific issues like this."

Unfortunately, the tech support on our end can't find any reason this would be happening either, so that's not much help. If anyone does know of any way their server would be changing fonts only on Articulate Rise products, that information would be very helpful.


Justin Grenier

Sorry for the trouble, Ken!

Rise content depends on .woff (Web Open Font Format) files to display fonts in Rise, and it's possible that your web server hasn't been configured to allow the download of .woff files.

If your web server is running IIS, you may need to add the .woff MIME type in IIS manager to serve this file type:

  1. Open IIS Manager (Start >> Run >> type inetmgr, then hit enter).
  2. Select the root node from the connections pane.  Double-click MIME Types from the features pane.
  3. Click on Add link in the Actions pane. This will open up a dialog box. Enter .woff as the file extension, specify application/font-woff as the corresponding MIME type, and click the OK button.

Let us know how this works out!

Ken Rogers

Thanks Justin! This is what our tech support guy said:

I did install the correct .woff download to the IIS manager on the server. If there's anything Articulate support staff can provide for us to implement to the IIS manager then we can go from there. Let me know if they provide any additional steps needed to take and we can help from there.

So if you have any further advice, it would be very much appreciated. I'll send the URL privately.



Justin Grenier

Ken, here's what I see in the Chrome DevTools Console when I launch the URL you provided:

WOFF Not Found

Your web server is reporting a 404 error for all of the following files:

  • Lato-Bold.woff
  • Lato-Black.woff
  • Merriweather-Regular.woff
  • 2LWC8d1tdj1ij7Hk-liberationsans-bold-webfont.woff
  • Lato-Regular.woff

This generally means that the files are not present on the web server, but it could mean that the web server is misconfigured in other ways.

I'd recommend double-checking the folder you exported from Rise, to be 100% sure that those .WOFF files are present inside the \lib\fonts\ subfolder.  If they are there, you'll want to ask your tech support person why the web server is saying that they are missing from the server.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.

Ken Rogers

Okay, we got it working. Turned out, because GoDaddy hosts our server, we had to add some code to the webconfig file in the server's root directory. After the opening <system.webServer> tag in that file, I added this:

<mimeMap fileExtension=".woff" mimeType="application/font-woff" />

I refreshed the course where I'd been viewing it Safari and, sure enough, it's fixed. Looks like it's working now in other browsers, too.

Thanks again for all your help, Justin!