Font issue when preview and export

Dec 07, 2018

Hello everyone,

I  have a font issue when I export and preview my storyline project but it works correctly in editor mode. The font is Titillium from google font. The type characters are not read correctly.  I'm currently working with Storyline 3 on windows 10. I have tested my project on google chrome and firefox.
Is someone know about this problem ?

Thanks in advance !

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Katie Riggio

Welcome to eLearning Heroes, Ludovic!

I'm having some trouble recreating any font issues in a new Storyline 3 file, so I'll need your help.

  • Could you share a screenshot or more detail on how the Titillium font looks during Preview/after Publish? (E.g. The wrong font is shown or there are missing letters.)
  • Would you mind sharing a sample slide with me here so I can try to replicate what you're seeing? 

In the meantime, if this oddity happens in all browsers, it may mean that the server where your content is hosted doesn't know how to display web fonts.

Have no fear, as this is easy to fix! Ask your server admin to add a MIME type to the hosting server for Web Open Font Format (WOFF) files – here’s how to add a MIME type in IIS Manager.

Looking forward to digging deeper!

Erin S

I have issues as well with 1 font within a font family that was designed for my company. All fonts within the family work (bold, light, italics); however, the regular font does not. 

Same as Ludovic, it shows properly in editor mode but fails in preview and browsers. Please see screenshots. 

Katie Riggio

Hi, Erin. Thanks for giving the enable/disable Modern Text solution a try!

We won't give up until we nail down the culprit. Could you share the font installer file(s) as well as a sample slide with us? Also, what version of Storyline are you using? To find this detail, click on the Help tab > About Storyline.

We'll give it a try on our side in similar environments and let you know what we find!

John Martin

Should we add to this thread or create a new one? I downloaded a template that came with fonts. I installed the fonts (Win10). They show up fine in the editor, and some work in preview. But then there's the odd duck or two. Monserrat light looks fine in both cases. Montserrat (Body) in the editor looks fine. In preview it is a totally different serif font, and in some cases the spacing even goes awry. The blue text is supposed to be Montserrat(body), the white text seems to be Monserrat (light) in both cases. [Editor on top, Preview on bottom]

Update: I found this post, where unchecking Use Modern Text (Design => Fonts) fixed the issue. that worked for me as well. 

sylvain sensenbrenner

Hi all !

So, I have some troubleshooting using fonts in Storyline360. I use Chalkduster font and it's working in editor and in preview. If I publish the project and run it from my computer, no problem. But, if I run it on another computer, the font doesn't appear and it's really bad.

I have checked Modern Text.

Thanks for help.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Sylvain!

Sounds like you've done everything right! The last thing I would look at is making sure the font is installed on your local drive.

I'm happy to test your file on my end! Would you mind sharing your file with us? You can do so by using the "add attachment" button in this discussion. Or you can share the file privately with our Support Engineers by using this link.

Leslie McKerchie

I'm glad to hear that the solution Ashley shared above worked for you, Frances. I appreciate you popping in to share an update and welcome to E-Learning Heroes. 😊

Hi Diler and welcome to E-Learning Heroes. 😊

I see that you also reached out here and shared a .story file so that we can take a look, so we can continue the conversation there.