Font Menu Woes

I'm not sure I really understand how Storyline 360 is accessing installed fonts. I have the full fontpack of Roboto installed (22 styles), yet only 3-4 of the styles appear in the font menu. I need to apply Robot Light Italic, but this font isn't in the menu, even though Roboto Light is used in the files. I've triple checked that I have the font installed in the correct place.

I don't want to just apply the manual (forced) italic, it's not the same.  Any ideas?

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Carol Dungan Logie

Thanks Phil! Appreciate the link to I think that must be it: the four weight limit.

I'm running Articulate on a Mac, so I'm used to unlimited power over fonts : )

It looks to me like it's just forcing the italics though, which is super annoying. I'll investigate further.