Font Rendering Issue

May 02, 2019

Recently I updated my machine from Windows 7 to Windows 10 due to Adobe CC compatibility issues. I opened a Storyline file that needs to be updated (after windows 10 upgrade) and noticed a font error (Karbon Family font). The file was originally created  using windows 7. The font is incorrect in Storyline on windows 10 - on all machines I tested, the karbon font won't work properly in Storyline only. I tried 4 machine running windows 10. I even started a new project on a new windows 10 machine and Karbon font is not working correctly in Storyline. I uninstalled the font, reinstalled it. I used a newer version of Karbon and still the same thing.

This is an important font. My client uses only this font for all print and electronic projects. The font works correctly in Storyline on all my windows 7 machines, but not windows 10. Any ideas? Please see my windows 10 screenshots. One taken in Storyline (incorrect) and one in Photoshop (correct).

Very frustrating! 


Maura :)


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Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Maura! So sorry you're having font issues. Would you mind sharing your Storyline file and the Karbon font installer file with our team? If this is a bug, we want to be sure we get it reported so we can begin looking at next steps.

You can send those files to us directly by clicking here.  We'll delete them when we're done troubleshooting.

Laura Dines

We re having a similar font issue when our client is using WIndows 10, Internet Explorer and their site administrator has disabled font download.

Our client is very frustrated and has asked us if there is another font we could use that would not cause this problem. 

Does Articulate have a recommendation for a font that won't cause these challenges for end users? 


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