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Sep 18, 2014

I've read various posts about preventing the font size from automatically changing, based on the quantity of text.  As suggested, I've selected the Text Box options on the Format Shape and selected Do Not Auto Fit.  However, the font size continues to change to fit in the box.  Any suggestions?

I've attached a simple example.  You will be able to see the font through the "Toggle CC" button, which is done through the Master slide.

Thanks in advance,


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Josefin Westlund

Hi, I know but I saw that they had discuss this 12 months ago =).

I attached a file with a few slides. Now I have made the subtext the hight I want it to bee. And as you see the text is very small and the text field does not expand when using variable.  (Use the icon at the bottom to put on/of the subtext)

I have a other problem. My forward/back buttons dont work every time. Some slides you have to push the button several times?


Leslie McKerchie

Hello Josefin and thanks for sharing your .story file - that was certainly a challenge for me to dig through as it took me a bit to figure out your set-up. 

You are correct and the text boxes when utilizing a variable reference do not auto-size in the same manner. I would recommend moving this to another layer perhaps vs having it live on your master via variable reference.

I will defer this to the community for assistance with your design.

As far as your navigation, I did not see this behavior when previewing your course. Is there a certain 'trick' to replicating? Have you tried moving this to your base layer perhaps since it seems you want it present always?

Josefin Westlund

OK, thanks for checking! Like I wrote, I have the exact problem like Steve had 4 years ago. Thats why I wanted to check if they had solve it in the newest version....

I´m not sure if I understand you. I have put this subtext function with the buttons on layers in the slide main master because I want it to always be on the top and if I want to change the design I only have to do it in one place. 

This is a big projekt  (you only got a smal part) I cant move it now, I have to make it bigger, it would look strange on slides with short speaker but you can read it..

I put the navigation arrows on every slide because I had read (and test) that I cant se the arrows showing the slides connections if I put them in the master. And I put them in a layer so they would be places on the top of the master layer where the GUI design is in.But it is something wrong with putting them on a layer? Can that effect the function?

This is my first project in Storyline so I´m finding my way...=) If the player could be more adjustable and look better it would make everything so much easier. But, still I´m new, maybe I´m missing something.



Leslie McKerchie

Well, if this is your first project - KUDOS! You have started off with a bang for sure :)

I certainly understand wanting to keep changes to a minimal and utilizing those master slides, so sounds like that would work best for you. 

Storyline 360 has some built-in closed captioning as well. If you have suggestions for our product development team, you can share them here.

Mark Ramsey

Hassy, I had to go back a bit to remember. What I meant was:

  • if you have three buttons, you attach a trigger to each
  • each trigger sets the value of the variable you want to put as an embedded variable reference in a text box (%variableName%)
  • in order to force the embedded variable reference to show 10 lines, see how many lines the text box generates, then add extra <br> markups on the end of the value, in order to "pad" the bottoms of the values

You might have to go back and forth a bit, in previewing your results, to properly pad each value so that 10 lines are achieved, and the font size of the embedded variable reference looks the same in the text box.

And it doesn't have to be 10 lines - it's whatever makes sense for your needs. The point is that we want to make the text look the same every time it changes. Also, the triggers don't have to be in buttons. they can be wherever they make sense - perhaps when another variable changes, or a slider moves.

It's a shame we can't ask the text box to report back to us how many lines it has rendered, so that we could make this padding intelligent. But that's a common feature in many languages, and goes to the update-ability of components & when properties change - outside of the range of this discussion.

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