Font sizes/styles re-setting!

Feb 12, 2013

Hi there

I'm a Storyline n00b and am getting really frustrated that my font sizes and styles are constantly being re-set every time I reopen a project in Storyline.

I also find random shadowing happening that I KNOW I didn't want (I've corrected it numerous times on a few things). I suspect it may have to do with grouping text boxes with objects that already have shadowing.

Text boxes don't seem to have any relation to font size and style either.

I'd like to be able to set DEFAULT styles and preferences - such as font size being fixed rather than being dependent on the size of the text box, but setting a text box as the default by right clicking doesn't seem to help.


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Kerry,

Sorry for the frustration! First, can you tell me if you have any font preferences or fonts on your Master? Or is this only happening with fonts in your slides? 

Can you tell me what version of Storyline you're using? You can find this by going to Help>About Articulate Storyline.

Also, what font are you using? Is it a default font? Just trying to find out if it's an OpenType or TrueType.


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