Font type / color resets itself in text entry boxes

When formatting text entry boxes I've run into the problem that the formatting doesnt stick. As soon as I do something else to it (like clicking inside of it to format the inside text) the original formatting I did gets reset to Articulate with Black text.


I've attached a video of a screen recording to show what i mean. Is there any way I can tell it to stop auto formatting / resetting itself?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Jackson - 

Could you please confirm that you are inserting a text box, rather than a shape? A text box would require you to type text within it in order for the formatting to hold/stick. Also, please make sure you are working locally as described here, and you may want to try importing the file into a new file. If you are still having issues, you might want to try to repair Storyline, or please feel free to share your .story file here and we can take a look. 

Jackson Hamner

I can confirm it is a text box and I am working locally, this has been an ongoing issue I've had with text areas across multiple projects. I can type within the textbox and that's fine and works, but I want the text area to be blank until the user types into it, so I cant have anything sitting inside the text area...

Its not really a huge issue, but it takes me a frustratingly long time to make sure each text entry is formatted and didn't revert itself. It seems like interacting with it in any way will reset it to black 12pt articulate font(I think thats the slide master default), so even just checking that its correct will mess it us sometimes.

I've attached a file as an example. Is there a way to keep formatting with no text stored in there?

Christie Pollick

Thanks for providing the example, Jackson. A similar description has been shared with our QA team, but currently, this is functioning as expected in terms of you can adjust the formatting, but if you click inside the box, it'll default to the Open Sans (which is based on the theme fonts or Storyline default font). Something to try... In your file, I clicked and dragged over the box to select it, then I changed the font to Algerian, hit preview and Algerian was the font when I typed in the text box. When I closed the preview, and I clicked on the box again, Algerian was still the font, so you may want to try clicking and dragging over the box to select it, rather than clicking in the box and choosing the font.

D Christopher Cox

To 'piggyback' on this conversation, you also need to format the text holders (text entry, text box, etc.) to not Autofit the text. SL2 generally sets text objects to 'Shrink text on overflow' as a default. 

Right-click the text object to open the Format Shape dialog box, select Text Box tab, and trigger the Do not Autofit radio button in the Autofit section. You should now be able type into the text entry without the input changing size to fit and the text box used as the reference to the text entry should do the same.