Fonts breaking Storyline

Mar 08, 2021


I have a project that works fine until i change text to my font - Circe Slab.

Once I add this font my project wont preview or publish, I have never seen this before and totally stuck as I need to use this as its my clients font. If I change it to something like arial it will preview and publish.

Can anyone help? I have checked I am all up to date also.

Many Thanks


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Ren Gomez

Hi Pete,

Thanks for reaching out! I don't see any related issues with this font, so one tip you may want to try is unselecting the Modern Text option to see if that helps.

If you still experience errors after unselecting this option, share your font with our support team in a case, and they can lend a hand with testing!

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Andy Jones

Hi Ren,

I have exactly the same problem. When I use the font DigitalStrip 2.0 BB it displays correctly on my screen but I am unable to preview, I just get a black screen, or publish. If I change the font to Arial for example then I can preview and publish.

Turning Modern Text off does then allow me to preview and publish with DigitalStrip 2.0 BB. However, turning it off changes the text positioning in the text box so means I need to review all slides to see where the text is no longer positioned correctly. 

Looks like Modern Text has issues with some fonts, it would be good to have a list of problem fonts as I have spent many hours discovering it was a font issue and then finding this post.

Many thanks


Lauren Connelly

Hello Andy!

Sorry, you're running into this issue with the font DigitalStrip 2.0 BB! I downloaded this font and tested it in Storyline 360 (Build 3.50.24668.0) and didn't run into similar behavior. You can see my test here.

My first recommendation is to make sure you have the font downloaded to your local drive and make sure it's located properly in the Font Book. Secondly, I'd recommend using the latest version of Storyline 360. 

Would you mind checking both of those steps? If you'd like to share your project, you can upload it in this discussion or share it with our Support Engineers in a support case.

Nicole Diebold

Hello all,

unfortunately I also have this problem with the font Euclid Circular:

The font is installed correctly. Unselecting the Modern Text works, but it's no proper solution for me. So what can I do?

Best regards


iQ Performance and Development

I never had any publishing problems, but preview didn't work if I had references to variables on my slides and I was using our custom font.

I ended up changing the font of my references to Arial and it cleared up the preview problem. I just flipped it all back before publishing. Not a ideal workaround if there are lots of slides/variables but it worked.

(Although it seems to have resolved recently with updates)