Force lightbox or exclude slides from search result.

I have a number of slides that are not available through the menu because they are meant to only be open as lightboxes through buttons on other slides.

However, they can show up in the menu as search results, allowing the learner to open them directly.

Is there a way to

  1. exclude certain slides (or text objects) from the search, or
  2. force certain slides to only open as a lightbox?

I have tried creating triggers on the slide's Timeline Start to first open the previous slide, then lightbox 'this slide'. This did not work (I didn't expect it to, but wanted to try something.)

I know I can prevent slides from showing up in search results by removing the text and only having images, but that's not a good option for what I'm showing.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Terry!

I like these creative ideas! Within the search feature in the Player, there isn't a way to exclude certain slides. We do have an active feature request report where we are tracking impact so I'm going to share your ideas there! 

Secondly, there is a way to have slides open as a lightbox. It does take customization, but I've explained this in a short tutorial!

Terry Bell

Hi Lauren,

Thanks for taking the time to make the video, but my question is about a how to FORCE a slide to ONLY open as a lightbox. (I do understand the basics of how to use lightboxes, sorry if that wasn't clear in my question.)

So, in your example, if you wanted the "Fox" slide to ONLY open in a lightbox, you would remove it from the menu.  BUT, if someone searched for the text "fox", the search results would allow them to open that slide directly.

If you want to see what I mean, I have published an example on my review: 

Ren Gomez

Hi Terry,

Thanks for sharing that file, and I understand what you mean about the search function inadvertently allowing you to view a slide in full view even though it was intended to be a lightbox-only slide.

At the moment, there isn't a way to force a slide to be lightbox specific, as the current trigger allows you to lightbox any slide. As you mentioned, the trick was to remove the slide from the menu. We've shared your details with our product team and will be sure to update you when any progress is made.

In the meantime, will it be possible to save the text as images so that it doesn't come up in the search function?