Forcing course to run on HTML?

I have developed a course (using SL) for a client who is hosting the course on Articulate Online. When publishing the course, I ticked Include HTML5 output.

However, the client is telling me that some users cannot access the course, due to their Flash player being out of date.  While the client is trying to update their Flash player, I thought I'd try to find out why the course isn't just playing in HMTL5.  Is there something else I need to do in order for this to work?

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Kartik Tyagi

Hi Ryan,

Actually flash output is only for the personal computers, whereas html 5 output is for both mobiles and computers. Perhaps some of the users are accessing the flash output on mobiles or on i-pads. If you want to play the course in html 5 then you only need to share the html 5 output instead of flash output.

Kartik Tyagi

According to me forcing users to html5 version isn't possible if they are accessing the course via articulate online. 

For more information regarding the publishing you just visit the following link, I think it'll be helpful to you.