Format spacing in scrolling box

Hi there! I have a scrolling box where I'm pulling in a series of variables. I've set up the spacing so that it's clear to read, however when I publish and run the content, I lose the settings for the spacing. Any idea how to resolve this? This is built in Storyline 2 (per client request).

Here is how I've formatted it (Line spacing Multiple at .8 and 6pt Before & After):


Here is how it's showing up (formatting is lost and it's difficult to read):


Thanks for your help!

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Katie Riggio

Really sorry you're losing that format, Christina!

Great move on opening a support case with a .story file attached! I took a peek into your case, and I can see that one of our Engineers, Abel, is testing the course as we speak.

You should hear back from him soon and I'll be sure to share updates here, as needed!

Katie Riggio

Hi Christina, and those who may be following this thread!

I wanted to share an update here that Abel was able to recreate the issue on his end. We have the line spacing in paragraph not working on text with variable references in Storyline 2 issue logged as a possible bug now.
We appreciate you bringing this to our attention – and we will share all updates here as well as soon as we hear them!