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Aug 10, 2016


My colleague and I are having some viewing/formatting issues.  She creates modules in Storyline 2 and sends them to me for vetting, as I do with her, and then to another colleague overseas.  We keep noticing that the formatting/spacing/text or item placement isn't the same between laptops.  I have included some screenshots - of the "bad formatting" that I see, and the "good formatting" that she sees.  

The included examples are of text boxes with triggers, but it also happens with plain text, as well.  BTW, we only use Arial font, per our company's policies, usually 14 or 12 point.  

We have both checked the DPI on our laptops per this article:  and both of our laptops have Microsoft Windows 7 to be configured with 96 DPI.   


Can you assist?





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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Logan,

I do not have any additional information to share outside of what you've seen shared here. 

  • Were you sharing the published content or the project file?
  • If the project file, did you check the DPI and settings as shared above?
  • If the published file, are you viewing in different operating systems and/or browsers?

Could you share your .story file so that we could take a look and understand what you are experiencing?

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