Formatting quiz question feedback

I have been having trouble formatting quiz question feedback on my slides. If the learner answers the question correctly, I would like the learner to be told "that's correct" and then be directed back to the table of contents. If the learner clicks the wrong answer, I would like the learner to be redirected to the quiz question again. How would I be able to create two sets of triggers that complete this function?



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Walt Hamilton


I took the liberty of sending back only the tin whistle quiz slide.

On the correct layer, I made the continue button visible.

On the incorrect layer, I made the continue button visible (you may want to change its text), and changed the trigger to jump to the tin whistle slide. That's right, it jumps to itself.

On the base layer, I set it to return to initial state when revisited.

On the base layer, I deleted the trigger that jumps to the TOC page when submit is clicked.

Now when the user submits, if they are correct, they click continue and return to the TOC. If they are incorrect, they click continue and answer the question again.

Erin Stapleton

I so much appreciate all your help!!! I have fixed all of my quiz slides except the fill in the blank question. Is there an extra step I need to complete for that type of interaction? I am driving myself crazy trying to figure out what is going on. when i hit submit-- with a correct or incorrect answer it jumps to the toc without feedback. I don't seem to have "Button one" as a choice when I try to enter the trigger return to toc when the user clicks button one.


Thanks so much.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Erin,

Do you have an updated copy of the file? The previous one you shared had the extra trigger associated with the submit button which was likely what was bypassing the feedback as it was going to the TOC slide. Removing that trigger I'm able to see the feedback and then continue to the "next slide" as indicated.  Also I'm unsure what you mean by "button one" in your most recent post as I don't see anything like that on your fill in the blank slide.