Free-form short cut key not accepting Tab

Jul 11, 2014


I'm trying to convert a slide to a free-form shortcut key, with the key being Tab. It will not accept the Tab key--pressing Tab just jumps the cursor to the first feedback field. It will take pretty much any othey key but Tab.

Am I doing something wrong? Trying to put the cursor in the field and then pressing Tab, and that is not working.



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Amy,

It may be a couple of things;

When you press the Tab key while viewing published Storyline content, you may notice a yellow box or rectangle that appears around an object on the slide. If you repeatedly press the Tab key, you'll notice that the yellow box cycles through the items on the slide and then moves through the player controls for the course.

This is an accessibility feature that assists those who are using a screen reader. It's enabled for all objects by default, but you can turn it off for any slide object.

Here's how:

Second, the Tab key will function normally, but it may not be the desired result. For example, if you have text fields, the Tab key will default to that field for data entry. The same as it would function in a web browser - for links, objects and text fields.

It may be a good idea to use a different key for your course, but make share a note with learners that in the real system, they would need to use the Tab key to navigate.

Let us know how it goes!



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