Free Navigation on Completed Courses

Does Articulate allow me to set a course to offer free navigation of the course after it has been completed?   I have users who want to go back to courses that they already completed so that they can review the material.

I do not want them to re-take the course, I just want them to have the ability to review what they already completed.

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Jerry Beaucaire

This I believe is something that would be controlled by your LMS...  

When we are importing content into our LMS, there is a flag for us to designate whether the course can be reopened and reviewed once it is complete.   Turning this on gives the user a "Review" option when they try to open the course after completing, not just a "Start Over" option.

Katie Riggio

Hi there, Douglas!

It sounds like you're looking to have learners review their quiz answers without changing those responses during the process, is that right?

Adding a Review Quiz Button to your result slide is a great choice for that! It lets learners go back and review the answers they submitted without the ability to change their answers.


Also, another thought is to add a menu to the course and use the Restricted navigation setting (while keeping the Question Attempts: at 1). That way, learners can use the menu to back to a slide once they've completed it. When they view all of the slides, they'll then be able to move back and forth freely without restriction. Here's a sample!


Let me know if any of those ideas could work for your design!