Freebie : Meet the Team People Tabs for Articulate Storyline

Jul 30, 2013

Meet the Team People Tabs for Articulate Storyline

I was messing around with some concepts and I rather like how this turned out.  I wanted to share this with all of you.  You can easily add new states if you desire and of course, you can swap out the images.

Preview & download

Have fun!

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LaVon Bowman

Montse, I did download one of your examples and I have a question. The Meet the Team example I really liked was the one I attached. I wanted to change the look fo this example and build one for a Rise course I am developing.

However, I would like to be able to make it so it will  not allow people to move forward unless they have visited all the layers. Is that possible and if it is can you tell me how to do that?


Hello Lavon, I'm attaching an updated file for you to review:

To create the conditional next button, I added a "visited" state to each button tab (oval 01, oval 02, etc). Next I inserted a placeholder next button with the conditional trigger that changes the button's initial state from disabled to normal AFTER all 5 buttons are "visited."

Please take a look at the file and feel free to reach out if you have any further questions!

LaVon Bowman

Hi Montse,

Thank you. I did have to add a trigger 

Change the state of Next Button - "Next" to Disabled When the timeline starts.

Do you know if it is possible to pass the completion information from this Storyline block to Rise so that they cannot "Continue" with the rest of the Rise course unless they have viewed all layers? So far I have not been able to solve that problem. I need to know if there is no solution or if there is a solution. What is the solution.

Sharing a link to the Storyline 360 layered file I created based on yours.


I think your email scenario looks brilliant! 

And the good news is you can incorporate Storyline's completion trigger with the Storyline Blocks to create conditional next buttons in Rise. Here's how it works: Good luck and please let me know how it works!

LaVon Bowman

I have Version (v3.22.17236,0)

I guess I am missing something. When I go to publish as Articulate 360 and try to select a tracking option, I can't. The "Track using number of slids viewed in selected and I cannot change that. the "Track using quiz result" and "Track using complete course trigger" is disabled. I cannot change it.

My layered course is one slide. I added the "Continue" block. and set it to Complete block directly above. 

Or, do you mean I set the tracking at the time I publish for the LMS? Honestly I do not know. 

They need a short course on this. If you can help a bit more I would appreciate it.


LaVon Bowman

I cannot get the "Continue" button in Rise to stop them from moving forward. You are always able to continue. I added a trigger to the Next button. Please see attached. I cannot see it made a difference as the continue button still stays active. 

Question: do I have the trigger as it should be or is it wrong? 

Does it have to be published for and on the LMS for the Next button to cause a completion and the button to stay inactive until it is clicked? 

If you can help with those questions I would appreciate it.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi LaVon,

It sounds like you're really diving into using Storyline and Rise and doing a great job at trying to learn all the things! 

I can see that you're stuck on that course completion trigger part, which shouldn't be greyed out if you've added that trigger to your slides as noted here. Since yours is, I think the best step is for us to take a look behind the scenes of your .story file. Are you able to share that here in ELH publicly? If you'd prefer to keep it private, not to worry, our Support Team is around 24/7 and would love to help. Upload a copy of that file using the link, and they'll be in touch via email.

Let me know if you submit a case and I'll follow along too. 

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