Freeform Drag and Drop Not Functioning

Nov 21, 2019

I'm having a sporadic issue with a drag and drop freeform activity in a recently-published course I designed. 

In the course assessment, learners need to drag a box from one area of the page to a drop zone in another, but some learners (not all learners) are experiencing an issue where the drag item is not active in the course; they click to drag the correct item but the item doesn't move nor interact with the page.  I've attempted to update Flash settings in their Chrome browsers, which has worked for some learners, but has not worked for all learners.  In addition, the majority of learners that were assigned the course have had no issues whatsoever with it. 

Are there troubleshooting tips, other than making sure Flash is up-to-date, that I could relay to learners in order for them to complete this section of my course?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there, Jason!

You're right – I wouldn't suspect Flash to be the culprit if you published with HTML5 only. 

Next time a learner runs into the issue, ask them to share what browser they're using. Hopefully that'll help you find a trend!

We'd also happily test your course if you'd like a few extra eyes on it. If that works for you, you can send it along right here.

Jason Steidl

Thanks for the reply, Alyssa.  Every learner is using Chrome; it's the default browser at my organization.  The strange thing is that there wasn't a consistent issue with the drag and drop, only for about 15-20 learners out of a total of 120.  The other majority of learners have experienced no drag and drop issues.

I think I will take advantage of your offer to test the course.  The drag and drop issue is apparent in Scenario 4 of the assessment at the end of the course.  Thank you!  I'll submit the course.

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