Freeform Pick Many not Working

Jul 20, 2020

I can't get freeform pick many questions to work. As the attached shows, there are two hot spots. But on testing, the little spinning arrow does not show when clicking to make the selection, and on clicking SUBMIT, it shows incorrect, even though I am clearly clicking to select the correct hot spot.

I have done my best to follow published instructions, but just can't get this to work. Any help will be appreciated.

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John Morley


I have now seen your response to a similar question:

In which you state that using a transparent freeform shape makes this work, where hot spots do not. Alas, I have tried that (attached this time) and still can't get it to work.

Also, I remember some time ago being able to add a trigger that sets a quiz question to correct, but can't find that now. Is this still possible?

Also too, it does not show the spinning circle that confirms to the learner where the click was placed. Is this a feature or a bug on the freeform questions?

Please help me understand what I am doing wrong.

John Morley


Checking out:

I see that my problem is simply not understanding how a "click many" is supposed to work. I was assuming it to be a click either (there are two places on the image that are both correct).

So initial confusion solved, but I would still like to know about a trigger that can set the question to answered correctly.

Ned Whiteley

Hi John,

I don't know of a trigger that specifically sets a question to answered correctly, but the attached example may give you an idea of how to do a workround. What I have done is to use a couple of triggers to set the required selections to "Selected" by changing their states. Once this has been done, clicking the "Submit" button will show that the answer is correct.

This doesn't need to be a two-button process. I have simply done it this way so that you can see the change before the correct answer is submitted.

Hope this helps.

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